General introduction

Ba An is a pioneer in the production of HDPE plastic pipes and solutions for undergrounding electric and telecommunications cables in Vietnam. Starting in 2003, from a HDPE corrugated plastic pipe production line, Ba An has continuously developed its network and expanded its factories, becoming the market leader for HDPE corrugated plastic pipe products – a solution. Specialized cable protectors are widely used around the world.

With more than 20 years of experience, in addition to HDPE twisted plastic pipe products, Ba An constantly innovates and researches to develop other products such as: HDPE flat plastic pipes, composite plastic pipes, Microduct pipes, PVC pipes… High standards and quality with a synchronous accessory system, meeting all actual construction requirements in Vietnam and other countries.

With the orientation of bringing beautiful and safe urban spaces, Ba An not only maintains the No. 1 market share in the field of plastic pipe production and underground cable solutions, but is also a reliable partner in a series of projects. construction, lighting, electricity and telecommunications projects.

Along with the business philosophy of “Beautifying urban spaces, creating lives”, Ba An is not only a business, but also a trusted partner in building sustainable values for the community and the land. water, but also a symbol of innovation and creativity in the urbanization process.

Ba An history

  1. 1998 – 2002

    – The time to prepare resources, and choose the right opportunity with skills, experience, and passion to start a business. 

  2. 2003– Imported machinery line and put into manufacturing 03 types of Ø50, Ø80, Ø100, first products of flexible pipe in Vietnam
  3. 2004 – 2/2004: Established Thang Long Production and Trading joint stock company in Ha Noi Built the first factory in Dong Van Industrial Zone in Ha Nam province
  4. 2007– 02/2007: Established a representative office in Ho Chi Minh City
    – 04/4/2007: Changed company name into BaAn Joint Stock Company
    – Re-organized company, changed company logo with the slogan “Safety – Assurance – Prosperity”.
    – Implement the “On-time delivery” strategy in sales.” trong bán hàng.
    – 8/2007: Established a representative office in Da Nang 
    – Registered intellectual property copyrights of the Composit connector which is specifically using for BaAn HDPE flexible pipe Ø260
    – Started manufacturing HDPE composite pipes for the first time in Vietnam.
  5. 2008 – Made consultant for The Directorate of Standards, Metrology and Quality – Ministry of Science and Technology building national standards “Power cables underground – Installation methods” TCVN 7997:2009.
    Extended manufacturing of composite pipe with multi-core depended on customer demand
  6. 2009 – Manufactured composite pipe with 09 cores for the first time in Vietnam
    – Made consultant for the Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group on developing national standards for the installation of information cables in underground works TCVN 8699:2011
  7. 2010 – Manufactured composite pipe with 12 cores for the first time in Vietnam
    – Built the 2nd factory in Canh Ly hamlet, Nhuan Duc commune, Cu Chi district
    – Xây dựng nhà máy thứ 2 tại ấp Canh Lý, xã Nhuận Đức, huyện Củ Chi, TP.HCM.
  8. 2011 – Became the first company in Vietnam manufacturing and supplying flexible pipe Ø320/250
  9. 2012 – Established Ba An Environment Joint Stock Company in Dam Gai valley, Thanh Thuy commune, Thanh Liem district, Ha Nam province.
  10. 2013 – Ba An is the first company in Vietnam to produce and supply Microducts plastic pipes.
  11. 2014 -Established Ba An Company branch in Myanmar.
  12. 2015 – Established Ba An Myanmar Limited Joint Venture Company.
    – Construction of the 3rd factory in Phu Quoc.
    – Construction of a factory in Myanmar Myaung Dakar industrial park.
  13. 2016 – Officially launched operations in Myanmar.
    – Construction of the 5th factory producing hot-dip galvanizing in Myanmar.
  14. 2017 – July 1, 2017: Changed product name of Thang Long Plastic Pipe to Ba An Plastic Pipe.
    – Construction of the 6th Factory in Hoa Khanh Industrial Park, Lien Chieu District, Da Nang City.
  15. 2019 – Construction of the 7th Factory in Cam An Nam commune, Cam Lam district, City. Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa province.
  16. 2020 – Construction of the 8th Factory in Nam Trung Area, Nam Khe Ward, City. Uong Bi, Quang Ninh province.
  17. 2021 – Construction of the 9th Factory in Xuan Phu commune, Xuan Loc district, Dong Nai province.

System management

Technology (ERP)

With a nationwide production and distribution network, Ba An has applied leading management technology to improve performance and manage every aspect of the business. Ba An has integrated a modern enterprise management system (ERP), using Odoo and Base solutions, to optimize business processes and create a smart, flexible working environment.
With the application of advanced management technology, Ba An not only ensures efficiency in all aspects of production and business but also enhances the ability to flexibly respond to market needs, while bringing The best experience for customers and partners.


The staff at Ba An are not only individuals with extensive expertise, but also dedicated, dedicated people who unanimously act according to the core values of T-R-U-S-T: Trow (Faith), Research & Creation, Unite, Safe, and Tell the Truth.
Unanimous determination means that the Ba An team integrates and works as a unified team, with a spirit of solidarity and consistency in all decisions and actions. Safety always comes first, a top priority that we never ignore. At the same time, honesty is the guiding principle for all actions, ensuring each decision and commitment is based on honesty and transparency.
At Ba An, the staff are not just workers, but people who build a solid, united and energetic community. We are proud of our common mission and TRUST spirit, constantly developing to bring the best value to customers and the community.