HDPE Flexible pipes

Ba An Microduct – BMP is a solution designed for high-speed fiber optic connections to individual households, capable of running over long distances, and compliant with TCVN 8699:2011 standards.

BMP comes in two types: single-core duct and multi-core duct, made from high-strength HDPE material with a super-smooth silicone layer on the inside. Therefore, when choosing BMP ducts for construction projects, you will benefit from:

  • Low friction performance suitable for cable blowing.
  • The ducts are flexible and housed within a layer of HDPE plastic.
  • The product is manufactured on a made-to-order basis.


Technical Data Sheet

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01.Install the cone

02.Install composite gutters

03. Install the Flare button

04.Install type connector H

05.Install River shoots