BaAn HDPE Flexible Pipe - BFP

BaAn HDPE Flexible Pipes are made from resin HDPE material, so they are characterized by their smooth and shiny appearance, homogeneity in color, and inodorousness.

Warning Tape

Designation: BCB –

  • For warning there is a power line below.
  • This 30cm wide tape is made of PP (polypropylene) cloth, then folded and simply stuck to make folds every 5cm along its length (see the picture). Thanks to these folds, when laid length in cable trenches and the covered with soil, the tape would not break under the soil load or later,under outer forces, because these folds can be easily released, resulting in length extension.


1. BCB-1: waring tapes are imported from Korea
2. BCB-2: warning tapes (without folds) are mafe in Vietnam


Table 15 BCB-1Unit: mm
Width Thickness Table 15: BCB-1
330mm 0,15mm 50m